Hindsight becomes Foresight....at the click of an edit button

I watched the Dominic Cummings statement/interview in the Rose Garden of No 10 and one answer he gave caught my attention. It was when he claimed he had been writing about coronavirus since last year. I was reminded of it watching the Michael Spicer take on this sorry episode. Check out minute 3.46. where Cummings states Only last year I wrote explicitly about the dangers of Coronavirus

Having done some research; I can only assume he was referring to this blog post in an article dated 4th March 2019. Specifically this section:

…The report describes yet another well-publicized incident in China in which “two researchers conducting virus research were exposed to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus samples that were incompletely inactivated. The researchers subsequently transmitted SARS to others, leading to several infections and one death in 2004.

As widely reported, this text had been added sometime in April 2020. Not last year as he stated. Check out the web.archive.org service and you can see that, from the March 4th 2019 until April 9th 2020, there is no sign of this addition.

Why did Dominic Cummings do this?

I am going to ask him via his blog with a link back to this article…He was talking about the issues around Pandemics and Bio Labs last year which, considering what happened in Wuhan this year, was remarkably prescient. Why the need to rewrite his blog? If it was a mistake…apologise and we can move on.

If it was a mistake can I suggest using the tool used to write this article to ensure this problem does not happen again. Check out this article to see how revisions to an article are fully transparent.
Click on the Pencil logo (See partial screen shot below) and you can review all the changes. Combine with a comment as a reply and you have full transparency.
Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 16.51.03

Screen shot of comment to Dominic Cummings blog. It notes that it is awaiting moderation
Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 17.33.22

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