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I believe a SHEQ category would be helpful

Can you set one up please

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Hi All, for immediate use the HSE and IOSH have released some great content for business, if anyone needs anything clarifying or deciphering let me know. As with all of this it’s unprecedented times, reasonably practicable is the basis for UK HSE law which remains unchanged.

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HI @Mal.Greenleaf
Many thanks for this post to the Group. This is only visible to 4 members at the moment can I suggest you also post to the Category where it is available to the Public

Now superseded by removing category and focusing on groups. @Mal.Greenleaf stand down and keep post where it is
You clearly very busy. Can you quickly outline what it is you are busy on and if we offload you by using some digital tools?

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Hi Andy,
Apologise for the tardy reply, email notifications for this forum automatically go in my “subscriptions folder” which I only check once a week.

The answer to what am I busy with? all of my retained clients are contacting me much more than usual, asking for advice on how they can still work safely, I am having to stay up to date with the daily updates from WHO, IOSH, HSE etc. I have also taken on a new (large for me) client that needs a complete management system rebuild (along with integration into their new investors management system.

This is all grey matter work using good time management and lean working methods, not sure of any digital tools that could help that I’m aware of, always open to suggestions though.

My client base so far consists of people already in my network, I’ve been out shaking hands and spreading the word until recently, however, with the current changes imposed by the government I have just commissioned a new website as my current one was a “go daddy” quick fix I made myself last year, just to get a space on the web, it hasn’t produced any leads so am going all out to increase my online presence.

On top of this I’m helping to home school two young ones and support my local community where I can.

I notice you are hosting daily zoom meetings, I’ll do my best to drop in on one this week to see what it’s all about.

Many thanks the update

I am not holding open house meetings at the moment, but will plan to restart those next week. Will advise

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