Stop messing about Chancellor. Just hire the spare labour and pay them.

So Rishi’s slice and dice approach is revealed - and which will leave any business using dividends to pay the workers in the lurch. Which I suspect was the plan.

Good job IPSE, et al for going for the complicated options.

I wonder now if they will address the root cause - which is a lack of wage flow - and suggest that instead of settling up complicated schemes in HMRC that won’t see the light of day until June, that the chancellor simply hires all the spare labour at the living wage for 35 hours. Then it can be run via standard PAYE mechanisms and people can get wages by next Friday.

That solves furloughed self employed, those laid off, the redundant - even those previously unemployed - all via a simple mechanism that already exists and can be scaled easily (I’d use a copy of the GOV.UK petition site code and capture the NI number and bank account details - that system is already designed to take millions of hits in a short time).

Next week run a pass filter across the list and any NI number that has received a sufficient credit from any other PAYE system is excluded from the next payment run. Do that and the approach backs off automatically as we recover.

Why is it that politicians - and even trade bodies - never go for the simplest thing that will work and never look at the bigger picture.


I like your thinking, although the government has just got hundreds of thousands of unpaid workers volunteer to help the NHS.

I think the biggest mistake is how they looked at the situation, they based to on taxation (input to the government), the whole system is set up to receive payments, not to make payments (anyone who has ever waited for a tax refund will know this)

I think it’s a lazy option, the government has all the information for everyone, PAYE, SE and Directors who get dividends (all complete a self assessment, the same self assessment the SE do)

I don’t want to sound bitter, I’ll get no government help, which I’m fine with, my approach to paraphrase Bear Gryls is to “adapt and overcome”, increase online presence etc. however I know next year I’m going to get hit hard in the pocket with increased taxes to cover this bail out.

Although not imaginative, Trumps method of sending every household a cheque in the post is at least even and fair, they’ll all benefit and all pay back.

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Is it too late to do this? Bring them into this workplaceinthecloud (A version of) and put them to work. Users Stories in one end. Results come out the other.