Zoom all the way....not

We have been working in the cloud for the last three years and have tried every online video conferencing system.

From the Maldives to Clacton on Sea we have always managed to make it work and do our stuff. Most stuff gets done on this workplaceinthecloud, but sometimes you need to meet face to face. Even if it is Virtual. (We have reduced our Real Life Meetings to an annual “Brainstorm & BBQ on the Beach” )

People will find that with a good video conference they can get stuff done in 30 minutes that would have taken 2 hours in a real life meeting room.

Just as we were about to invest significant resource in integrating zoom within this open source platform… several events occur

@NeilW comments on the first revision pointing out this latest news article which would indicate privacy issues with Zoom.

@TimMcClement chairs a meeting using his meeting ID and when I try and join using the Zoom web interface I am forced to scroll through pages of Zoom sales bullshit.

In addition I am trying to unravel some of the earlier set ups and I am finding the Zoom Admin UI unimpressive.

@NeilW points out that his network are all using https://meet.jit.si/

So I jump in and rather than organise the Friday virtual beer via Zoom I use Jitsi Come up with the original name VirtualBeer. Ping out the link to my network, go back two hours later to find myself in a meeting room with a bunch of German geeks in Munich who are all working from home and have just started running their own VirtualBeer!

It is just like walking into any pub. Someone gets his guitar out, then pulls out a pack of cards as I am leaving to show me a card trick. Others comment on my choice of beer. My Brightlingsea friend, who is new to this Virtual Beer idea joins and manages to not mention the War. One of the Germans who has kept the default JitSi name “Jane Pink” describe the experience as “Chat Roulette”

We discuss Microsoft Teams, which they use for the day job…they give it a good score, but it goes a bit quiet when I ask why do they not use it for their Virtual Beer?

My conclusion after using it?..as good as Zoom was to Skype when we first switched…in fact better. Clean and simple UI, Very intuitive to join. Fantastic video and speech quality. Best of all…it is Open Source.

Thanks @NeilW… you have an uncanny sense of timing with your contributions

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Andy, I signed up to pro, it’s a fair deal. Absolutely not impressed with the cost of a room though. They need to look to their consciences.

Zoom has had multiple security and privacy issues, with another one today

People in my sphere refuse to use it for that reason and others. Instead we’re firing up rooms using Jitsi (https://jitsi.org) on standard Cloud Vms - giving complete control of the end to end and with cost controlled on an ‘as used’ basis.

Thanks @NeilW in a meeting room now
You are invited to join a meeting.
Join the meeting:

Thanks very much @NeilW. Very clean and simple. Much like discourse which runs these forums. I note a very similar look to thttps://community.jitsi.org/
Open source
Will run my Virtual Beer tonight 1600 to 1700 using Jitsi.org

More negative reports on Zoom

Apart from one glitch yesterday with a screen share issue our experience with Jit.Si has been all good. We are now using it instead of zoom